Moments that Went Down in Snowboarding History


Moments that Went Down in Snowboarding History

The modern development of the world-famous sport, Snowboarding began in the 1960s. Through time, the activity went ahead to shape itself into something different, and the world started to take notice. These specific moments are essential events that changed Snowboarding forever. So by examining and going through these events, we will be able to understand the scope of the game and what it stands to mean in today’s climate. Hence, to be more specific, here are some moments that went down in Snowboarding history.

1. Dimitrije Milovich Leaves Cornell for Snowboarding (1972)

One can never thank Dimitrije Milovich enough for all his contributions towards Snowboarding. After all, it was him who started the first modern snowboard company, Winterstick. The company went ahead to receive national publicity through various magazines and people began to take orders. Though Milovich faced numerous challenges along the line, he managed to pull things out and push forward the company towards the right direction. Almost three years after it’s inception, Wintersticks began selling products in over 11 countries. But all this wouldn’t have been possible if Wayne Stoveken didn’t introduce Milovich to Snowboarding in 1970 and if Dimitrije Milovich hadn’t quit Cornell in 1972.

2. The Very First National Snow Surfing Championship (1982)


When you look back at the First National Snow Surfing Championship in 1982, you might not think of it as a championship event. The starting point for the vent was an inverted kitchen table, and hay bales served as crash pads. Regardless of all, the fact that this event put Snowboarding on the map is something that is worth every bit of appreciation. The event was quite popular as it brought about 125 contestants to Vermont’s Suicide Six resort where things took place.

3. Sherman Poppen and his invention (1965)

Sherman Poppen once went into his garage and cross-braced two Kmart skies together. Since it was Christmas morning in 1965, there was plenty of snow, and Sherman stood atop his backyard hill and started surfing. As a result, The Snurfer was born and went ahead to become an instant hit. After a few weeks, Poppin decided to add a rope to the front in order to make things easier. Hence, that particular invention was further developed and became a sensational aspect.

4. Ski Resorts and Snowboarders (1984-1990)


Ski resorts were not the right hosts for snowboarders in the early days and did not allow them to use their hills. This was carried forward through insurance liabilities and various other issues. So a diplomatic campaign was in order, as an attempt to persuade these resorts and earn the certification. Towards the end, the campaign was successful, and around 40 U.S resorts allowed Snowboarding during 1984-1985.

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